Our high-quality equipment allows your network to run seamlessly. Here you can find an overview of our equipment.


Splicing equipment

  • Fujikura FSM90S
  • Fujikura FSM70S (5 units)
  • Fujikura 70R+ Ribbon Splicer (3 units)
  • Swift S3

Measuring equipment

  • Fluke DSX 8000 (2 Units)
  • Fluke DSX 5000 (5 units)
  • Fluke FI 3000 MPO/MTP Microscope
  • Fluke Optifiber Pro OTDR (3 units)
  • Fluke Certifiber Pro OLTS (4 units)
  • Fluke DTX 1800 inkl. MM/SM OLTS Adapter Kit (4 units)
  • Fluke Fiberinspector 7000
  • Fluke Linkrunner G2
  • EXFO TK1V2 OTDR Set (2 units)
  • JDSU MTS 6000 OTDR

Certificates and training

Since we attach great importance to the latest technologies and excellently trained staff, all our employees regularly take part in training. This means we are able to meet our high standards at all times.

Certificates of TEKANET
Commscope Introduction to Hyperscale/Cloud Data Centers
Commscope Onsite Hyperscale/Cloud Data Center Product Installation
Corning Preferred Installer
Corning EWP Extended Warranty Program - 25-year guarantee
CPI Correct Power Institute Workshop Electricity experts in data centers EMC & PQ
Dätwyler Unilan training
DFGK Fiber optic cable connections, joints and terminal equipment
Fiberoptic Solutions Fiber optic cable splicing and measuring technology
FIST FIST installation technology
Fluke Certified Cable Test Technician
FNT FNT Command
Hilti Deutschland GmbH Cable, pipe, combination and building joint insulation
Rittal Control cabinet technology – TS-8 cabinet systems, CMC cabinet monitoring
R&M cabling solutions R&M Freenet-certified installer
Siemens AG CP305 - Future Link -Cerified Installer FLCI
Siemens AG CP205 - FutureCom - Certified Installer FCCI
Siemens AG CP030 – acceptance measurements on structured building cabling
Leoni Approved ELine Installer
Leoni Certified EcoNet-Installer
Wavetek Fiber optic cable measurement technology – basics and practice
Wavetek OTDR measurement equipment workshop
Wavetek LAN cable measurement technology cat. 5/6 or D/E
Wavetek LAN cable measurement technology (Cu/TP) according to cat. 5, 6, 7 or class D, E, F
Wavetek Installing, measuring and certifying high-speed LANs

Master trade diplomas

Master trade diplomas of TEKANET
Employee Master trade diploma Chamber of Trade
Rainer Naumann Electrical technician in the skilled trade sector - telecommunication systems electrician Rhine-Main

Approvals / Other documents

Issuer Approval
BA for post and telecommunication Accreditation to set up, activate, modify and maintain telecommunication systems